Since we all, no doubt, have at least a few offensive products on our shelves, it is worth repeating the benefits of choosing eco-friendly products over others. Here are some of the biggest benefits to a green cleaning approach:


1 What’s Old is New Again: Ever wonder how cleaning ever got done before Oxiclean? It’s a fact that people have been cleaning for centuries and there are some tried and true methods that have always worked. These methods used simple solutions like vinegar and salts because they were simple, cheap, and accessible. If you look at many Eco-products sold today, you will see these ingredients referenced often as a marketing tactic. But don’t be fooled by the impressive infomercial; you need little more than the baking soda in your kitchen cabinet to clean many areas of your home!

2 Simplify: One of the results of our cleaner obsession is that we feel the need to have a special product for a single purpose. I would imagine many homes have several single-use chemicals in their cabinets that rarely get used. We’ve been sold an idea that one product has one purpose, drastically expanding the amount of potentially harmful chemicals we have in our homes at any given time. Moving to Eco-friendly products will allow you to pair down to the essentials and nothing more.

3 To Your Health: Contaminated air and topical contact with a chemical are two of the more common ways modern leaning products can hurt us. There are many studies linking the use of chemicals in the home to asthma, skin conditions, and even cancers. Choosing to do green cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of harm to you and your family.

There are really so many more ways that you can benefit from healthy cleaning products. Check out our green cleaning services and try for yourself, the magic of simplicity.

One Last Thing

One final thought on the use and disposal of harsh chemicals. We encourage consumers to pause before throwing an entire cleaning cabinet in pursuit of being more ecofriendly. This is a consumer-driven perspective and does not take into consideration the pros and cons of finishing off a bottle of something versus disposing of it. If you are ready to get rid of it, remember to look up the proper disposal process in your area.

Cheers and happy cleaning!