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Construction Cleanup

No building is move-in ready until it has undergone an outstanding post construction-cleaning. We here at Outstanding Cleaning allows you to experience a pristine and spotless interior, a feeling that one’s home or building is now theirs to enjoy.
Our experienced jobsite and construction cleaning crews have been trained in the specialized tasks that are important prior to the move-in stage. Removing debris, clearing dust, and adding sparkle and shine. We strive for perfection right here at Outstanding Cleaning in order to provide comprehensive post-construction cleaning services that promise superior results.
Offering construction cleanup services to all residents and business owners, we are proud to be the premier cleaning company in the Boston area, including Somerville and Cambridge. Find out more by requesting your customized estimate now. 
We promise unparalleled service, affordable rates, and prompt, courteous service.
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Cleaning Services benefits

Get rid of all the dust and dirt in the entire premises. With Pro cleaners, you can relieve yourself from the worries of scratches on your floor or desks due to tools, nails or screws lying around.

Leave the post-construction cleaning to the pros for the safety of your employees. They know how to handle different types of wastes, post-construction debris and dusts, to name some.

You don’t need to buy cleaning supplies, tools and equipment. They come fully equipped with everything to use for the cleaning job. It is the more practical route than buying all the cleaning supplies, tools and agents is.

It’s not so easy to dispose of post-construction waste because there are rules and regulations involved depending on where you live. Professional cleaners know the local laws of the proper garbage disposal and places to dispose of post-construction waste.

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Our staff is professionally trained and highly vetted, so you can rest assured that the cleaners in your home are discrete, trustworthy and reliable. We offer a flexible and affordable bespoke cleaning service to suit individual needs and pockets.

We strive to maintain the highest standards at all times. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with any aspect of our service, please call us within two working days. We will listen to the problem and sort it out. And that’s a promise.

Our team of highly trained staff will clean your home the way you want it cleaned each and every time. We’ll always try to work around your schedule, and organize your clean at a time to suit you.

Contact us today for a quotation. Our local sales manager will visit you at your convenience and provide you with an on-the-spot, no-obligation quote. Call us at: 617-368-0067 or email us at: