Do you dream of white marble floors? It is important to regularly take care of marble flooring to avoid permanent staining and etching. Everybody wants to come home to a clean house, so why not hire a professional to do it correctly? Here are five reasons why you should hire a specialist to take care of your flooring.

Preventing Permanent Stains

Spills and messes are happening on the ground. When you stop cleaning up, spills will turn into stains and ultimately become permanent. Nothing tarnishes the feel of a white marble floor like a stain or a scuff. One way to avoid permanent staining is to have your marble floors washed by a professional regularly. Make sure you regularly switch floor mats and rugs while picking up occasional debris that can lead to stains.

Clean Marble Floors Increase Home Values 

Marble floors are famous for their unique look of marble. Installing marble floors is more costly than other flooring, and you want marble to last as long as you can. If you keep your marble floors clean all the time, less wear and tear would appear. Marble flooring will improve the value of your home when it comes to sale because everyone loves a polished look. Think how bad it would be to invest a decent chunk of change on marble walls, just to have stains ruining the worth of resale.

Clean Marble Floors Are Good for Your Health

Strong stone walls, like marble, quickly gather dust and dirt. Such compounds can be detrimental to health. Those with allergies or asthma are extremely susceptible to dirt and dust particles as they cause problems with the immune system. Vacuuming between cleanings can help, but employing a professional to ensure clean marble floors would do wonders.

Removing Etch Marks is the secret to the prevention of harm

Etch marks occur in marble when a stone rubs or dissolves against something rough. Marble may often dissolve from exposure to acid or alkaline in household cleaning chemicals. It is one of the many reasons why you can only trust a professional to clean and treat your flooring. Etch marks are theoretically permanent and can alter the color of the stone.


No one wants to mess up their precious marble floors or counter tops. Hiring a specialist, like American Cleaning, to clean the marble floor gives you peace of mind. You can also keep yourself from doing more harm to your floor by not knowing what to do.

Hiring professionals to clean up your marble floors would pay off in the long run. If you’re in the Massachusetts area or nearby Massachusetts United States , Outstanding Cleaning Inc. has over 20 years of experience in marble flooring. Our services are thorough and reliable. Please call us at (617) 368-0067