Goodbye Clutter! – Simple ways to Declutter

If you want to get things done, get decluttering

It’s time to manage all the clutter! Decluttering can give you a sense of achievement, boost your concentration, lower stress levels and increase your mood. According to an article written in Psychology Today, the creative juices are going to flood.

“The messy desk or studio does not equate to creativity. A research study in Princeton shows that a minimalist environment can help the creative process. Having too many items around can make your brain drift from one thing to the next, leading to increased stress and less creativity. An organized workspace boosts creativity. Working in an environment that is neat, clean and organized can help your brain focus and get your creative juices flowing. Living and working in an organized space improves skills related to art, writing, music, creative thinking or even out-of-the-box thinking.” – Psychology Today.

  • Your desk. Does it inspire or cripple? If you don’t need it on your desk, find a place to get it within easy reach, depending on how much you need it. Business cards, staplers, paper clips, etc. are all things that can be packed, sorted and conveniently accessible in a desk drawer.
  • Your drawers One at a time, man. Offer or throw away something you haven’t used for a while or don’t need. Non-regular use things should be kept in the office cupboard, not in the desk drawers. Every drawer has its own purpose, office supplies, paper and so on. Order and work it out. You’re going to start to feel the satisfaction!
  • Papers Sort or not to sort? It’s something that needs to be done. When you’re searching for a filing system that doesn’t fit for you, then redesign or change it to match your particular working style (make sure it’s not a Rubik’s Cube that nobody can figure out). If you can store it on your computer, throw away the paperwork and go digital. Celebrate a lot of shrinking!
  • Computer Clutter. Ignoring it doesn’t help it go! It’s the internal nagging that is cracking your mind. Documents need to be processed, emails need to be saved in a database folder, etc. It’s all rising whether you can see it or not! So, it’s time to get rid of the invisible clutter, sort and trash. Only do it, man! Place a time every day and see how it works. Consistency is the secret to this! Reward yourself when you’re done!


Psychological Effect – Tidying, decluttering and washing, both have a psychological impact on how we feel and see our lives. So, start living in the new, fresh habits you’re acquiring. Bit by bit, and you’re going to change your world — inner and outer.

What a difference a smile is making! – The importance of service to the customer

Can you remember being annoyed by getting bad service? What are you doing to stop clients saying the same thing about your company or business? Customer service may be the “make or break” of any company. Creating a customer service-oriented community actually makes the business a joy and joy to work with.

Below are a few pointers:

  • Company DNA – it’s all coming down from the edges! Behind any business or organization, there is someone who develops a company culture and ensures that it is part of the company’s DNA employee. One philosophy, for example, might say, “We’re a company that values and honors our customers, but not only that, we’re going out of our way to make sure they’re satisfied and have the best experience possible because of who we are and what we provide.”
  • Pick up the right person for a position – No matter what your company offers or sells, this is an environment where choosing a ‘ right ‘ employee will boost the business or be a liability. Careful selection of the right support provider guarantees better customer connections with less friction.
  • Training necessary – it is crucial to convey and imprint the company’s Identity, purpose and ideology to your employees. Take the time to teach your workers the requisite job skills and train them when needed. Make sure the new methods and processes are clearly defined. Promoting good customer service is a perfect way to promote a community of delivering outstanding service. Exciting staff meetings and team building activities are enjoyable ways to create a positive company atmosphere in which workers feel respected and appreciated.
  • Customer Service – If an organization becomes service-oriented, it shows. Every service agent gives priority to being moist, friendly and as helpful as possible. If it comes to your company’s service where a complaint has been lodged, what is your company’s response? True apologies with modesty go a long way. A phone call can help to resolve any issues that may have arisen.

How are you going to build a culture of customer service? Being available to answer customer calls and queries, responding to client emails, and educating the staff are all great ways to get started. Do what you can with all your spirit, integrity, and compassion, and watch your business reputation rise along with a repeat work.