How to Comply with OSHA Regulations And Training

To help comply with regulations from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and maintain a safety plan, some larger organizations have a safety professional on staff to conduct inventory and safety audits, as well as compile material. In smaller organizations, this responsibility falls to you, the facility manager. Either way, educate yourself on OSHA regulations. This knowledge will be invaluable in identifying hazards and developing a comprehensive training plan for compliance.

For instance, whenever changes occur to the safe handling of chemicals, review your training curriculum. It is easy to buy a newer, better chemical from a different manufacturer and have personnel start using the chemical without appropriate training or safety data sheets (SDS) on hand. You are not compliant with OSHA regulations if you conduct business in this fashion.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the definitions OSHA uses in this standard: OPIM’s (Other Potentially Infectious Materials); Work Practice Controls; Exposure Control Plan and Determination of Exposures; Universal Precautions (Methods of Compliance); Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Housekeeping Practices; Laboratories (special situation); Required Training; Hepatitis A Vaccination and Declination, Needle Stick Log and procedures of handling needles, and so on.

Read, study, understand, and implement this standard. It is your job to advocate for a safe work environment. Don’t focus on smaller cleaning companies to tidy up and keep the environment safer. This is the time to get about Outstanding Cleaning Inc., the experts with all of the indoor cleaning services. Whether you need Housekeeping, Construction Cleanup and Commercial Cleaning we encourage you to contact us 617-368-0067 or Visit our website

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