With recent outbreaks reported all over the news you may worry about coronavirus spreading,

Coronavirus is a potentially life-threatening family of viruses that causes conditions such as common cold MERS SARS and other respiratory problems like new strains of the virus, though coronavirus can be a important preventive measure that can help protect the public health at home and care for a sick person if you think that you have the virus contact the doctor right away.

How to protect yourself against coronavirus?

• Wash your hands with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection, the safest way to avoid coronavirus is to wash your hands with warm water as much as possible, then add a soap to a lather for 20 to 30 seconds and then clean your hands under warm running water.

• Often wash your hands before eating or drinking something, but it’s also safest to wash your hands if you’re out in public or with someone you think may be ill.

• Keep your hands away from your mouth and your eyes may come into contact with the corona virus on a surface like a countertop or a doorbutton when it happens that the germs will stay on your hands so that you can easily become infected if you touch your face with dirty hands, avoid touching your mouth and eyes and if the virus is on your skin, wash your hands first if you need to touch your face so you’re less likely to infect yourself.

• Stay away from people who coughing or sneezing because corona virus is a respiratory infection coughing and sneezing are common symptoms and both coughing and sneezing both release the virus onto the air so they can raise the risk of infection keep your distance from people that appear to have signs of upper respiratory infection

if it’s appropriate ask the person to stay away from you you could say I noticed you were coughing I hope you feel better soon but please keep your distance so I don’t get sick.

• Desinfect high-touch surfaces everyday with a product that destroys viruses. Sadly, corona virus will stay on surfaces such as doorbuttons counter tops and grippers using a spray disinfectant or bleach wipes to clean these surfaces everyday to ensure that the surface days are about 10 minutes long so that it effectively destroys the virus.

• Wear a disposable face mask while in public, as coronavirus spreads through the air, it is possible to breathe it in the cover of your nose and mouth with a disposable face mask to limit your risk of contracting the virus.

Always wash your hands after you remove your mask in case you encountered corona virus if you take off your mask and then immediately touch your face you could become ill if the germs are present.

if you’re at high risk for respiratory infections or have lung disorders like asthma or COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and you’re traveling internationally wear a disposable mask on the plane to help prevent the spread of infection

You can use household to prevent, certain detergents and cleaning products can help you or you can hire a professional cleaning services in your area to sanitize your home or if you already have only one request that they use products that eliminate bacteria both in the air and on the floors.