The first thing the outstanding cleaning can do, is ensure the services are easy-to-use. From the phone call or request form, to the day of the scheduled cleaning, the customer is updated of any changes and is given a friendly reminder to ensure the cleaning services are still to be given.

We strive towards process and perseverance to generate fast cleaning times with quality outcomes every time.

Bear with me, you’re not going to want to miss what I say next!

Move in / Move Out

This type of clean we see used in a few different ways. In some lease contracts is requires the resident to provide an adequate clean of the premises, before you return the keys to the office. Some customers like to have a thorough clean before they move in. Realtors and investors need cleaning services in preparation for showings or even after a remodel.

Extreme Clean

You can find this useful when a Deep Clean does not go deep enough.  You really cannot get any deeper.

Deep Clean

Really take the notch up with this cleaning package! Open the house up and enjoy a fresher, cozier home. Don’t just clean your bathtub, clean your bottles too. If it can be safely cleaned with two hands and within reach, Adorable House cleaner’s make sure to include it.

Spring Cleaning

Do not waste the opportunity to take advantage of season cleaning. There is indeed a change of living conditions after being buttoned for several of the colder months. One of the best effects of spring-cleaning services is the increase of air quality.

Scheduled Cleaning

These are your recurring cleanings i.e., Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, One-time. These are general cleans. It does not include items seen in deeper cleaning packages for instance high-dusting and windows.

Greeting your house cleaning

Adorable House cleaners typically meet the customer at the door after a few knock.

We believe that first impressions are paramount. So, we aim for a clean appearance, properly uniformed to help you identify them, informative and courteous.


Before we jump into the details, let us consider this. There really is no clean, like deep cleaning services.

We recommend before starting any regular or scheduled cleaning service, that you first start off with a deep clean.

This helps us to ensure our work and allow our house cleaners maintain these changes in your home over extended period of time. Think about it for a moment.

How difficult would it be to assure a quality cleaning without knowing, which house cleaners did or did not clean and area of the house, or which item to be cleaned was who’s responsibility.

Picking up where your last housekeeper left off and a month or more prior to your last cleaning means there are probably areas of the home that would be amiss to us.

In order to be covered by the Adorable House 24-hour Assurance Policy, the deep clean must be conducted, before the start of any recurring service.

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

  • all items described in the Outstanding Checklist
  • interior windows
  • dry dusting interior blinds
  • high – low dusting
  • deep scrub of bathtub and shower tile
  • cleaning of shower bottles
  • deep clean shower head
  • kitchen backsplash
  • interior stove hood
  • wet dust door frames
  • wet wipe doorsConsidering a Deep Clean Remember: A deep clean can be added on as a one-time service at any time while enjoying your recurring scheduled cleanings. If you feel that your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly general cleaning service would require a deeper clean next time around, be sure to let us know!

    Always start off your recurring services with a deep clean.

    Some users really only require help with the deep stuff! If you feel you just need a hand, that’s okay too. 

    Don’t Forget!

    Those who participate in the Outstanding Cleaning, also take advantage out of 24-hour assurance policy. If miss something, our house cleaners will return the next day to clean what we missed.

    Housekeeping made easy!

    Get your home cleaning service now.