Cal/OSHA`s COVID-19 Construction Protocols

Cal/OSHA is once again leading the safety industry by providing COVID-19 protocols for the construction industry in order to keep employees safe on the job.

COVID-19: Are We Safe to Reopen?

This article is not intended to take a side but rather to focus on the safety and health of any employee that is working or will be returning to work at this time.


OSHA Recordkeeping for COVID-19

OSHA still considers COVID-19 to be a recordable illness, much like any other illness that an employee may get. When it comes to recording if an employee misses work due to COVID-19, an employer may be responsible for recording it on their 300 logs.


Don`t Disconnect from Electrical Safety

The job involved pulling heavy electrical poles through the ravines and woods and vegetation to a spot where the conductor wire was needed. One worker sat inside a truck with a slowly spooling reel that pulled the pole toward it. Two workers helped.


OSHA Issues Memos to Aid in N95 Shortage

Relieving the Pressures of Supply Shortages In an effort to address the scarcity of N95 respirators during the current COVID-19 pandemic, OSHA has announced a temporary easing of the specific regulations related to respiratory protection.


Telemedicine is Now an Essential

The World as We Know it is Changed Forever Just like after 9/11, and what we’re facing now with COVID-19, the world as we know it has changed forever.

Slow Down, Save a Life!

Something that all of us run the risk of overlooking is practicing safety while we’re driving. And one of the most important places to ensure safety is in work zones.


What Employers Need to Know About COVID-19

Pandemic Preparedness & Coronavirus Workplace Safety Over the last few months, the news has been filled with updates on the COVID-19 virus, more commonly known as “Coronavirus”. As safety professionals, it is our responsibility to understand what OSHA is doing to help employers prevent the spread of health issues like the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Are You Communicating Clearly?

Keep Workers Safe and Avoid Costly Fines with Clear, Coherent Hazard Communications.


Can First Aid/CPR Training Really Save Lives?

Cafeteria Worker Saves Primary School Student’s Life — Thanks to First Aid/CPR Training

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