If you are like most people, cleaning your home’s entryway rarely comes to mind. After all, you generally pass through this area quickly. However, this important area of the home is the first space that house guests will see when they enter your home. You want it to make a great first impression. Because the entryway is subject to tracked-in dirt and may not be cleaned as frequently as other areas of the home, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning the entryway from floor to ceiling is essential.

□   Sweep and mop the floor

□   Wipe down the walls, baseboards, door and knob

□   Clean the windows, blinds, and sills

□   Shake off the debris on the exterior doormat, and launder the interior floor rug

□   Store away winter coats, gloves and other outerwear for the season

□   Straighten the shoes, and invest in a shoe rack if you do not have one

□   Remove debris from light fixtures

□   Clean the banister


In many homes, some areas of the kitchen are cleaned at least once each day. For example, you may wipe down the counter, range and sink after you prepare each meal. However, there are numerous other surfaces that should be cleaned periodically in order to maintain a fresh, sanitary space. Deep cleaning this room can take a significant amount of time, so recruit help from your family as needed.

□   Remove expired food from the pantry, fridge, and freezer

□   Donate or toss unnecessary dishes and small appliances

□   Clean off the pantry shelves

□   Wipe down the cabinet shelves and the interior of drawers

□   Clean the backsplash using a degreaser

□   Wipe down cabinet faces and knobs, and use a degreaser as needed

□   Deep clean the interior of the microwave, dishwasher,
oven, fridge, and freezer

□   Wipe down the exterior of all major and smaller appliances

□   Clean the coffeemaker

□   Remove debris from the toaster pan

□   Use lemon or vinegar to deep clean the sink, drain, and
garbage disposal

□   Clean the light fixtures

□   Wipe down the walls, doors, trim and baseboards

□   Dust decorative pieces

□   Clean the floor rugs in the washing machine

□   Sweep and mop the floor

□   Clean the interior windows, sills, and blinds


         Living Room

Your living room is likely one of the most heavily used rooms in the home. This is a common gathering space where the family congregates to watch TV, play games and relax. You may also entertain house guests in your living room from time to time. Because the living room is frequently used, it likely receives your regular attention during weekly housecleaning sessions. However, spring cleaning will cover the areas of this room that do not receive your attention on a weekly basis and that should be cleaned periodically.

□   Dust and polish wood furniture

□   Vacuum the chairs and sofa, including under the seats

□   Vacuum the floor using baking soda, including underneath furniture

□   Launder or tumble dry throw pillows

□   Wipe down ceiling fan blades and light fixtures

□   Dust the lampshades

□   Launder or vacuum the curtains

□   Clean the curtain rod, blinds, windows and sills

□   Dust all electronics

□   Wipe down decorative pieces

□   Sanitize the remote controls