Workplace health and safety

Our employee health culture

We believe that our culture has an influence on the health and well-being of our people. A positive environment, in which employees feel that they are treated with respect and fairness and where they have support from leaders, can greatly influence engagement and productivity. We currently have mechanisms in place to assess how these elements can positively be offset the impact of excessive pressures and stress.

Our holistic approach to employees’ health is designed to allow employees to understand their health risks and enables us to measure the key health risks of our employee population, which helps us better understand our employees’ health profile and the impact of health on productivity, and to build strategic, targeted and evidence-based interventions. This is critical toward building a sustainable organization and delivering superior market performance.

Protecting employees’

Confidentiality Monitoring the health of employees inevitably means collecting sensitive and confidential data. It is important that the data remains fully confidential, and there are no issues around data privacy. Most companies use an anonymized data approach when data is encrypted, but this still means that information could be accessed if the server is breached. Our employee health data is stored in two, different places and is completely anonymous. Each user creates their username which cannot be traced back to an individual, and if login details are lost, a completely new profile must be created. We believe this is the best way to collect valuable information while preserving the complete confidentiality of all participants.

Our Framework for Employee Health

We understand that a healthier workplace is a happier, more productive one, so the health of our employees is an important part of living our purpose.